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A Study of Cross-cultural Communication and Business:
Hmong vs. American
(Keys to Successfully Conducting Business with the Hmong)

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     Abstract:   This Thesis is intended to describe a lesser-known culture, the Hmong, for the purpose of assisting businesspeople, particularly Americans, in conducting business with the Hmong. The paper describes the Hmong culture in terms of history, language, cultural and business etiquette, roles of men and women, and religious traditions. The thesis then offers advise for successful business relations based on this cultural definition. Research was done via interviews and extensive written sources.

Honors Senior Thesis: Publicly presented and successfully defended April 25, 2003 before the Dominican University of California Honors Thesis Review Review Board. Final written version submitted August 8, 2003. Hardcopy available in the Dominican University Library (

Capstone Project: The Future of the Celtic Tiger
(Key Success Factors for Ireland's Continued Economic Growth)

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     Abstract:   First coined in 1997, the term ‘Celtic Tiger’ come to refer to the phenomenal growth of the Irish economy throughout the 1990s and into this century. Ireland as it exists today is a far cry from the quiet and oft forgotten isle it once was. An interweaving of efforts from within and without the government since 1950 have created a nation with high educational standards, political stability, sound fiscal policies, and an overall clarity of economic purpose. The Celtic Tiger phenomenon is a result of careful planning and years of hard work.
    Recently, there has been ample speculation about the sustainability of the Irish economy. Concerns primarily center around the economy’s dependency on foreign direct investment, labor competition from Eastern Europe, and the dangers of Irish companies selling out to larger multinationals. Though legitimate, the majority of these concerns have been well addressed by the Irish Government, IDA, and Enterprise-Ireland. The Republic of Ireland has a bright future and should not be counted out just yet.

Capstone Project: Submitted as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Business Administration in the School of Business Education and Leadership of Dominican University of California, San Rafael, California. (

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